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MRT & Associates are a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to helping workplaces create, promote and maintain Psychological Health & Safety within their business.  We come from a range of clinical and professional backgrounds and use our collective strengths to walk alongside our clients on their journey.  From Trusted Listening programmes to facilitated workshops and learning events, our offering is created around the individual needs of the clients that we work with. Helping businesses to evolve their strategy and practice.

Psychological Health & Safety

Ensuring that your Managers and leaders understand what is meant by Psychological Health & Safety and their role and legal obligation to support and maintain it within your business is critical.

Psychological health and safety is discreet from the mental health agenda but there is significant intersectionality that employers need to appreciate. At MRT & Associates we have a range of key learning offerings that can help to build knowledge and focus very practically on enhancing applicable skills and day to day prevention strategies.

Human Sustainability

Recognising the need to support the sustainability of your greatest asset – your people – through their employee lifecycle now forms an essential part of any companies wellbeing offering.

From understanding the systemic nature of how the workplace can lead to burnout, to creating policies and practice that mitigate against the revolving door of mental health related sickness absence, MRT & Associates have practical workshops, webinars and Masterclasses to increase knowledge, develop skills and provoke thought for all those involved in the prevention agenda within your organisation.

Maintaining Inclusion & Belonging

The mental health arena and the language that surrounds it has changed rapidly over the last two years with a greater acknowledgement of the impact that exclusion and isolation can have on the productivity and happiness of your workforce.

Now, more than ever, Managers and Leaders need to understand their role in creating and sustaining inclusive teams which have psychological health and safety at their core. This includes challenging negative workplace behaviours and tackling the emergence of micro-cultures that are harmful. MRT & Associates offers expert consultancy, coaching and learning events to help organisations to address this vital workplace agenda.

Trusted Listening

Understanding the anatomy of listening and becoming aware of our own ability to truly listen without judgement or interruption is a cornerstone of creating psychological safety within the workplace. Trusted listening is a crucial skill that anyone within an organisation can learn and put into practice.

At MRT & Associates we offer a range of Trusted Listener programmes including the creation of Trusted Listener networks within your organisation, providing Refreshers and Masterclasses as well as an individually curated Human Library and an External Trusted Listening service.

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Introducing Maggi Rose

Anyone who has worked with Maggi Rose knows that Mental Health, Psychological Health, Safety and Wellbeing lie at the very heart of her long career. She has been recognised for both evolutionary and pioneering training solutions and has dedicated her career in and around mental health, as a clinician, senior leader, consultant, champion, academic and innovator. Having never lost her passion for the subjects of mental health and mental illness, she has long been an advocate for the value of knowing better to do better. She uses her expertise in facilitation to develop individuals, leaders and teams to promote understanding, advocacy, enthusiasm and authenticity. Driven by a focus on making the workplace a psychologically safer place for all, her contemporary approaches drive realistic change.




Grow continuously in your knowledge

Psychological Health & Safety
The belief that no one will be punished or humiliated for speaking up
Contemporary strategies for health and well being fail our psychological needs by not acknowledging feelings of safety
Fear of failure, blame, criticism, loss of respect all challenge our feelings of safety at work
Recognition, appreciation and thanks go a long way in achieving psychological safety and wellbeing at work.
Human Sustainability
Human sustainability - the degree to which the workplace creates value, health, wellbeing, belonging and skills.
A heightened connection to purpose.
"Companies cannot offer employment forever but they should make you employable forever"
(Gabriel Sander, Cuervo)
For true Human Sustainability to be experienced, the workplace needs to create value for all who are connected to them.
Maintaining inclusion and belonging
The threats to inclusion & belonging in the workplace include: rampant burnout, Artificial Intelligence, rapidly evolving skill demand, contract working and insecurity and lack of DEI progress
Trusted Listening
Being a good listener is one thing but are you a trusted listener? We all know the formula of active listening, paraphrasing, not speaking at the same time as listening and being able to playback or repeat what has been heard.
Trusted listening makes you know you are the most important person right now, trust has to be earned and maintained by the listener. A listener knows it is not about their thoughts, their feelings or their ideas.
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